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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new digital privacy regulation being introduced on 25 May 2018. It standardizes a wide range of different privacy regulations across the EU into a single core set of legislation capable of to protect users in all Member States.

Data portability right You can export your personal data that are stored on this Website. Generate an Excel file that contains all sensitive data.

Right to be forgotten Delete the account from the shop along with all your personal data. All addresses, orders and other information will be lost.

Right to be anonymous Change information with fictitious data. This way your identity is protected.

Right to be informed This covers any data collection by businesses, and individuals must be informed before data is collected.

Right to have correct information This ensures that individuals can have their information updated whether it is out of date or incomplete or incorrect.

Right to Restrict Processing Individuals can request that their data not be used for processing.

Right to object This includes the right of individuals to stop processing their data for direct marketing.

Right to be notified If there has been a data breach that compromises any of your customers' personal data, you have the right to be notified within 72 hours
after becoming aware of the violation.

Cookie law Almost all websites use cookies - small data files - to store information in peoples web browsers. Some websites contain hundreds of them.

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